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  • 127th Canton Fair scheduled online from June 15 to 24
    Post time: May-14-2020

    Dear overseas buyers, exhibitors and relevant parties involved: The Ministry of Commerce of PRC has decided that the 127th Canton Fair is to be held online from June 15 to 24. As Canton Fair’s organizer, China Foreign Trade Centre, ensures that various preparations are well underway in line with ...Read more »

  • Work Adjustment Notice
    Work Adjustment Notice
    Post time: Mar-06-2020

    Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, The government of [Guangdong] province activates first-level public health emergency response. The WHO announced that it has constituted a public health emergency of international concern, and many foreign trade enterprises have been affected ...Read more »

  • Confidence In China And No Need To Fear
    Post time: Feb-26-2020

    China is engaged in an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus (named “2019-nCoV”) that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China and which continues to expand. We are given to understand that coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many ...Read more »

  • Epidemic Prevention And Control Report
    Post time: Feb-19-2020

    The novel coronavirus incident of infectious disease in Wuhan was unexpected. However, according to the experience of past SARS incidents, the novel coronavirus incident was quickly brought under state control. Until now no suspected cases have been found in the area where the factory is located....Read more »

  • For China’s foreign trade, it is a test, but it will not fall down
    Post time: Feb-19-2020

    This sudden new coronavirus is a test for China’s foreign trade, but it does not mean that China’s foreign trade will lie down.   In the short term, the negative impact of this epidemic on China’s foreign trade will soon appear, but this effect is no longer a “time bo...Read more »

  • Ensure the safety of our products and employees
    Post time: Feb-19-2020

    Since the new coronavirus raging in China, up to government departments, down to ordinary people, we Guangzhou Beyoung  in the region of all walks of life, all levels of units are actively taking action to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control work.   Although our factory is not i...Read more »

  • Do what a responsible country do
    Post time: Feb-19-2020

    In the face of some rumors and disinformation on the internet about the outbreak  of the novel coronavirus, as a Chinese foreign trade enterprise, I need to explain to my customers here. The origin of the outbreak is in Wuhan City, because of eating wild animals, so here also reminds you not to ...Read more »

  • We will attend Kind+Jugend Cologne fair in Germany on 19th-22th Sep
    We will attend Kind+Jugend Cologne fair in Germany on 19th-22th Sep
    Post time: Mar-05-2019

    We will attend Kind+Jugend Cologne fair in Germany on 19th-22th Sep, 2019. We would offer you some new developed products & designs during the exhibition.  Welcome to visit us, our Booth is: 11.2H-A060-10. If you have plan. Just feel free to contact us or let us know. Read more »